St. Patricks Day Quick Display


I started this quick way of doing a simple, bold and eye-catching

St. Patty’s display last year and repeated it this year.

In 2022, I used green poster board, splattered on some paint

and cut into large hearts.

I assembled them with hot glue.

The shamrocks are attached to a long piece of cardboard to create a single unit.

I added some obnoxious green bling-bling ribbon in the mix

and stuck it up with gummy mounting tape .

For 2023, I used 12″ x 12″ green cardstock to make the shamrocks.

This year was extra rushed,

I threw this mess together then had to tape and tuck some of the shamrocks

after mounting the unit to the metal awning.

I like this idea cause it’s fast, lightweight and easy to put up and take down.

That is the beauty of making this paper cut-out business….It can be jammed and shoved.

I can’t imagine getting excited about cabbage and corned beef…..but people buy up this shyt.