who the what is OUCH?…


…this is ouch,…….at least from what I can remember from glimpses of it.

It’s not like its gonna sit for a portrait.

I feel maybe it’s a sprite, spirit,…troll type elf being…maybe, I don’t know.

I see it. No one else has

but they hear it and sense it.

People just think I’m having another episode,

cause I freak out a lot I’m kind’a jumpy.

I don’t remember the first time seeing it.

I think I just sensed a disruption in my well being.

Over the years the visual “Ouch” became more apparent…

or maybe I’m just seeing shyt.

are there more?

I mentioned it being, maybe, a troll but it’s not evil or mean…..just kinda pissed.

I mean…look at it….tsk.

Not developed to its full potential.

My guess is Mother Nature was working on a prototype or got side tracked when working on this one.

Wings not fully developed but at least MN gave it prehensile feet so it can make stuff.

I call it “Ouch” cause it’s clumsy and trips over shyt… a lot.

I see it still try to fly and……… that never goes well.

Just it’s little chicken wings flappen, little white fur floating in the air as

Ouch is falling to the ground yelling out with it’s little voice.

Kind’a sounds like a screaming rabbit.

It could be a spirit guide of mine or maybe I’m a spirit guide of it’s,

either way we’re screwed…

but maybe there’s hope…

I tell myself…

He follows me to work at a grocery store.

I do grocery store type stuff but mostly make signs and much of the sign making is in the basement.

Ouch likes to make signs too….of nonsense and goofisms.

Sometimes Ouch will write some stupid shyt on one of my signs

and I won’t notice till I put up the sign.

Sometimes I just leave it but most times I need to fix it cause

a’someone will choose to be offended by it instead of accepting it as a joke.

It’s a shame cause Ouch’s stupid stuff is pretty funny.

One of my co-artists will hear a crumpling or crunching and look up at me.

“Did you hear something….I think I heard a ghost?”

I will look over and see Ouch tripping over some shyt.

I just reply “hmm, maybe it’s just something falling upstairs”.

Ouch in younger days.

imperfection is where the essence is…

pencil lines included.

now….im not positive of that statement but some part of brain or whatever passed through it for a moment…agrees with it.

"it's all fun and games till someone gets hurt"

"Well, not really. It all depends on the severity of the injury and of course, who was injured. A little boo-boo is not gonna stop the party and no one cares if an asshole is limping or bleeding."