Pumpkin Elf house, thank you @creativemom

Please go visit @CreativeMom to see her original amazing construction.

When I saw her video I thought, ” Perfect type of project I can rustically rush construct.”

I’m happy I found these images.

I rush so much at work, I usually don’t take the time to stop and document projects.

The pictures that follow are of the house in its “finished stage” and after it had been displayed in the store

for a couple consecutive fall seasons.

I added a couple little elf types looking out the window…because….well…..I always need to have some sort of character element.

Paper Flowers and disappointing endcaps

An Easter display….not overwhelming….not mind blowing…but it gets the job done.

Simple concept of cutting petals from sheets of colored paper and assembling together with hot glue.

Considered doing a pictorial…but was too much in a rush…hmmm, I will put that idea on my list for later.

I attached the flower ensemble on a long plastic sign holder that hooks up over the fridge…easy on and off.

whatever….no plan…..just quick with no direction…..

really….what is going on here…..


I call this one…”I thought about trying but then I didn’t….but then I almost did again and then…nahhhh”.

I reused part of this..(the part that is spelled wrong)…in added kick….the blah blah…

I like that I didn’t know it was spelled wrong till I put it up and someone pointed out.

So I just got a ladder and wrote a tiny “e” above the “M” and “A”.

St. Patricks Day Quick Display


I started this quick way of doing a simple, bold and eye-catching

St. Patty’s display last year and repeated it this year.

In 2022, I used green poster board, splattered on some paint

and cut into large hearts.

I assembled them with hot glue.

The shamrocks are attached to a long piece of cardboard to create a single unit.

I added some obnoxious green bling-bling ribbon in the mix

and stuck it up with gummy mounting tape .

For 2023, I used 12″ x 12″ green cardstock to make the shamrocks.

This year was extra rushed,

I threw this mess together then had to tape and tuck some of the shamrocks

after mounting the unit to the metal awning.

I like this idea cause it’s fast, lightweight and easy to put up and take down.

That is the beauty of making this paper cut-out business….It can be jammed and shoved.

I can’t imagine getting excited about cabbage and corned beef…..but people buy up this shyt.