just wing’n some wine signs

Another episode of,

“make that sign up as you go, just do it fast.”

Yes, I have for you here today-  some wine signs:

Wish Flower” and “B by Fonta-blahblah”.

Wish Flower…whatever, cute name.

Looks like as much thought went into the label design as my endcap sign,

same goes for “b-da-blahblah”.

Oh…I have some wine name ideas!

Let me have a go at this:

“Pbthhhhh by Remember-to Wype”  Red Blend


PRE-10-CHUS”  sparkling  white… crap…in little juice boxes.

Oh how fun is that???  6 pack juice box wine!

Give to all those “self-proclaimed hot girls” on Instagram to take selfies with.

So much fun.

Make a wish! har-har….and add some doodle-mess around the word ’cause I

have no time to catch a clue.