This is a “half of a belly” leather cut.

I will use a portion of it to make the straps for this tote.

I use a long wood slat for a straight edge to make my first guide line.

I use a t-square that is 2″ wide as my template to mark out cuts.

I transfer the full piece up to my work table to cut the straps out.

I use a standard ruler and put a new blade in my utility knife.

I cut about 8″-10″ of length at a time.

I work very carefully.

I bevel the edges of the removeable shoulder strap.

I measure out roughly 24″ lengths of strap for the handles.

I measure out one of them and mark stitching holes.

I replicate those measurements on the second strap.

I am showing how the handles will be folded when stitched.

After I stitch the handle, I bevel then sand to even the edge.

I use a rougher grit then a very fine grit.

I do this over my tub, then wipe out the dust.

The edge after sanding and before burnishing.

Edge after burnishing

The handle connectors are trimmed, punched and burnished.

The second picture shows how they will join the handle.

Stitching the handles to the tote.

For the most part, this tote is finished , just some small separate features to complete.

The shoulder strap is removeable.

I will make a slim shoulder pad to slip onto it.