just wing’n some wine signs

Another episode of,

“make that sign up as you go, just do it fast.”

Yes, I have for you here today-  some wine signs:

Wish Flower” and “B by Fonta-blahblah”.

Wish Flower…whatever, cute name.

Looks like as much thought went into the label design as my endcap sign,

same goes for “b-da-blahblah”.

Oh…I have some wine name ideas!

Let me have a go at this:

“Pbthhhhh by Remember-to Wype”  Red Blend


PRE-10-CHUS”  sparkling  white… crap…in little juice boxes.

Oh how fun is that???  6 pack juice box wine!

Give to all those “self-proclaimed hot girls” on Instagram to take selfies with.

So much fun.

Make a wish! har-har….and add some doodle-mess around the word ’cause I

have no time to catch a clue.

cardboard to the rescue…

Quick….we just pulled an “international food” display idea out of our ass and need signs!!!

yeah….got some “blur” going on in these pictures…oh, well.

I used a utility knife to cut these out…not optimal but was available at the time.

A sharp blade is key, but just as important is to cut at a bevel so the blade slides easily.

You can see in the last picture (“a taste of”) I made as an “after-thought” and cut it out with a “deckle- edge” because it was faster to do.)

End of the year Endcaps

The bottle of this wine has some really pathetic little green sausage looking “ground hog”….no wait…its a guinea pig…yeah…

My boss comes by and humors himself…

“Hey, don’t you think it would be fun to draw the little guinea pig?”

(me) “No….why do I want to waste anytime replicating that deranged little illustration!”

(Boss) “Well If it were me, it would be fun.!

(Me) “your irritating me….go away!”

I thought to myself….why not….why not scribble out my own version of a fat little green rodent.

AND…its gonna be dancing with a bottle of this simple-ass packaged wine.

So here it is…..my Guinea Pig who looks like a bottom heavy ferret.

Yup…Holiday items selling so fast that we don’t even need to put up the sign anymore….another endcap that will sit on the bleachers till next year….maybe….who cares.

oooooooh…what a fun name….like my name but it can’t shut up.

a little leather purple satchel

with a front pocket.

In the past I would use double sided tape to tape under the graph paper to the flesh side of the leather so I could use every bit of the leather piece. The downside is, there is a residue left on the leather.

Now that I am focusing on smaller bags, I can spare some cut-off.

I am Taping over the pattern with masking or scotch tape to the grain side of the leather.

Holes are punched and then I will trim out with a utility knife.

Pieces (minus the gusset pieces) are trimmed and edges are beveled.

Ready for stitching….

aside from the closure strap being “way the hell” long, it came out cute and I am happy with the design.

This bag was made with violet Gaucho oil leather from La Bretagna Tannery available here.

Hopefully there is some left.