Some Autumn Signage

Little story time in here:

also…notice my little green arrow…that is the extent of my graphic skills…I’m so proud of it.

My work area is in the breakroom these days.

I guess other TJ sign artist that 

have their work space next to the bailer or 

some other armpit or crotch area of the store…would be jealous.

OOOOO…but don’t get too envious my fellow “Sign Rushers” 

….as the smells of the grease trap, and random basement funk 

envelope thee senses…just like in your work areas.

One of the diamonds I love about working in the breakroom is 

all the bullshyt talk from my co-workers.

All come and interrupt me with their comments, 

yelping, blowing up fish meals in the microwave and 

asking me how to use the air fryer.

(I don’t fnuking know….why does this place need an air-fryer for fnuk sake….these baffoons are gonna brake it by Tuesday.)

Oh, here’s another little trivia gem.

Did you know that one out of three Trader Joe’s employees

 eat with their mouth open.

Yup…shoooooor do!

When I was trying to put some effort into this particular sign,

“Jim’s” finger comes in front of my face and

points to my “vegetables” that are in the background.


 (yes this mental patient talks like that…yells everything)…



So to shut him the fnuk up

 I deliberately write on the non-vegetables… “I don’t know what this is” 

Really I do know, I know I needed to fill up the composition with some other elements that I didn’t want to put effort into. I wanted them to be dull, go with the rest of the crap and sit in the background…

He was tickled I wrote on my vegetables and waddled away as he chewed on his block of cheese.

by the way, his name is not really Jim but he does chew on blocks of cheese.

I was thinking about just leaving the little comment…

but covered it and kept it professional.

I could have left it because my guess is 1 out of 1000 customers notice there are signs in the store.

Pumpkin Elf house, thank you @creativemom

Please go visit @CreativeMom to see her original amazing construction.

When I saw her video I thought, ” Perfect type of project I can rustically rush construct.”

I’m happy I found these images.

I rush so much at work, I usually don’t take the time to stop and document projects.

The pictures that follow are of the house in its “finished stage” and after it had been displayed in the store

for a couple consecutive fall seasons.

I added a couple little elf types looking out the window…because….well…..I always need to have some sort of character element.

variations on gussets for a satchel design

First there is the CONCAVE gusset variation. The flesh side surfaces of the leather are stitched together to create the inward curve of the gusset.

The concave gusset creates a nice tucked-in look. Less interior room then the following convex gusset designs but is better suited for laptops or tablets that would benefit from the snug fit.

With a concave gusset, I can put in an extended gusset that stiches up along the flap which creates a extra secure closure. The extended gusset may make the bag a bit of a fuss to quickly get items in and out.

So that leads me to try the “reverse option”….. CONVEX gusset with extended flap.

hmmm, yeah. This is like orthopedic shoes to me.

It’s very functional and comfortable to use but frumpy.

I’m really trying to keep that “secure closure” action going but this “messenger bag” flap?…not feeling it.

Maybe something else….maybe not.

Next up is the CONVEX gusset without the extension to the flap.

I removed the gusset extension and the flap fully flop-able….

(not sure how I feel about that either...)

Both single gussets are made in three segments.

Here you can see it on the pocket gusset.

A close up of gusset tabs which can be cinched together with elastic….(which is not happening in picture)

There is one other flap variation to show.

This example is a work in progress. It is a small pouch that is also an example of a

single-cover (in two parts) and a double gusset bag.

A convex gusset with a concave flap extension.

In order to successfully do this, I need to make the flap wider.

The wider flap allows the gusset extension to be concave while also allowing access to the full width of the bag interior.

and there’s that.

an alternative bookbinding concept

A proper sewn-bound book is a beautiful piece of work when crafted properly.

This is not one of those finely crafted works.

It is a “quicky” sewn bound journal that, lays flat, not too costly,

and a fraction of the effort and tools that a classic sewn bound book involves.

No sewing frame involved (as in coptic binding but this is even more efficient…at least for me).

The first “short- cut” is using a staple-bound “booklet” notebook such as the ones Rhodia or Fabriano makes.

The second “short- cut” is stitching in portions.

Samples of Rhodia and Fabriano booklets.

I then take it apart….

After I remove the staples, I separate the full sheets into “signatures” (sets of page groups in a book).

4 folded papers per signature = 8 sheets per signature / 16 pages.

I will give them a pressing before assembling.

I have skipped the process of punching holes in the paper since I will use the staple holes.

Booklets are assembled with three staples.

I will be stitching 3 separate areas instead of continuous stitching

back and fourth throughout the whole book.

My thread has a needle on each end.

The signatures lined up with two heavier weight papers as covers.

I will secure one end with a binding clip.

Working from the middle portion first then the ends.

I stitched this portion…then decided maybe I should document this situation….so the stitching instruction starts with an end portion.

enter through the cover

…and out.

(pay no attention to that extra hole under the needle.

I am using a cover from another booklet…Fabriano ecoqua.)

The thread is now looped behind the cover.

Both needles go directly into the next signature, cross on the inside and come back out

to repeat process in the following signatures.

The image above shows the stitched book without glue and will hold together fine enough but I am going to spread a very thin layer of tacky glue on the spine

and secure it with binding clips till set.

Lays flat….and done.

Paper Flowers and disappointing endcaps

An Easter display….not overwhelming….not mind blowing…but it gets the job done.

Simple concept of cutting petals from sheets of colored paper and assembling together with hot glue.

Considered doing a pictorial…but was too much in a rush…hmmm, I will put that idea on my list for later.

I attached the flower ensemble on a long plastic sign holder that hooks up over the fridge…easy on and off.

whatever….no plan…..just quick with no direction…..

really….what is going on here…..


I call this one…”I thought about trying but then I didn’t….but then I almost did again and then…nahhhh”.

I reused part of this..(the part that is spelled wrong)…in added kick….the blah blah…

I like that I didn’t know it was spelled wrong till I put it up and someone pointed out.

So I just got a ladder and wrote a tiny “e” above the “M” and “A”.