a little leather purple satchel

with a front pocket.

In the past I would use double sided tape to tape under the graph paper to the flesh side of the leather so I could use every bit of the leather piece. The downside is, there is a residue left on the leather.

Now that I am focusing on smaller bags, I can spare some cut-off.

I am Taping over the pattern with masking or scotch tape to the grain side of the leather.

Holes are punched and then I will trim out with a utility knife.

Pieces (minus the gusset pieces) are trimmed and edges are beveled.

Ready for stitching….

aside from the closure strap being “way the hell” long, it came out cute and I am happy with the design.

This bag was made with violet Gaucho oil leather from La Bretagna Tannery available here.

Hopefully there is some left.